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Quality Inn
Spokane, Washington

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Quality Inn Downtown 4th Ave is a fascinating hotel with a history deeply rooted in the Spokane community. The hotel was built as a Cavanaugh's, offering lodging, dining, and live music. Over the years, the hotel changed hands and was not shown the TLC that any hospitality building deserves.

In 2005, Princess Properties purchased the hotel with eyes on restoring it. The initial remodel took years and millions of dollars. It included redesigning the canopy, adding a sloped roof to the top of the 6-story building, replacing carpet, beds, linens, towels, curtains, fixtures, appliances and more. Once the renovations were completed, the hotel was able to be upgraded from an independent hotel to a Quality Inn brand.

The care did not stop there. Every year a new item comes into the spotlight to be restored, and every few years a huge upgrade of one type or another is made. The Pub has a fresh new menu with deli market style food.

Most recently, we modernized with another replacement of carpet, travertine tile, linens, curtains, etc, as well as adding more power outlets and USB charging stations, upgrading wifi infrastructure and more. In addition, we removed about a quarter of our rooms in order to combine them into two-room suites. In 2017 a complete overhaul of landscaping was completed to create a park-like feel for guests.

All this hard work has paid off, too! You, our guests, have shared your opinions in surveys and reviews which lead this hotel to join the ranks of Gold Award winning properties for several years running. This honor is only bestowed on the top 10% of hotels in the brand.

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