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Princess Properties has managed hotels, restaurants, rental properties, and apartment complexes for over 30 years in multiple states.

Our brand has never accepted "good enough" to be sufficient. We only know how to complete a task to the best of our abilities and we expect that from our team, so you know your investment will be well looked-after.

The 30 years of operating properties and inter-professional work have lead to a well-honed methodology of operations. Every job description and duty is carefully thought out in detail. Each department has pre-assigned tasks on specific shift lists that are reviewed by department leaders. Every team member joins in for continued education and career advancement to reduce turnover and build a company culture of faces your guests will recognize.

If you are ready to remove the hassle of daily operations from your property, contact us today to discuss your expectations and judge if our goals align in terms of guest satisfaction, employee training and retention, and profitability.

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