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We are always planning ahead to build the future for ourselves, our family, and our neighbors. Throughout the decades, we have had a loyal and dedicated staff stay with us and rise in the ranks to improve their lot in life while we work together in that same goal.

That means never sitting still, but using the good fortunes with which we have been blessed to create jobs, improve the local economy, drive tourism and make our city a true destination. That focused attention to growing a fair, honest business has allowed us to endeavor into new realms. From restored apartments and rental houses, hotels and restaurants to new neighborhoods that will accept more families into our loving community - we only move forward if a project meets our high standards.

We recognize that stewardship is a personal and professional responsibility, so we work hard with the appropriate local agencies responsible to maintain our resources in order to ensure our community is kept up by meeting their high standards.

While new ideas are always being tested to ensure they are the best move for our business and our community - there are two projects that are currently announced and underway.

Sleep Inn will bring a fresh new brand to Wenatchee that will invigorate the travel and tourism market, allow our city to host more groups and conferences, focus on environmental sustainability, and improve the local economy with more jobs on-site and visitors attending other businesses.

A small neighborhood subdivision that will allow new homes to be built inside the otherwise landlocked valley surrounded by hillsides and steep gorge cliffs.

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