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My legal advisor has said I am within rights to post my personal history and opinions online. As such, consider this website an opinion website. Many of my opinions parallel historical events as well as video recordings, audio recordings, paper documentation, and testimony of those events. I occasionally remind readers that these are opinions, but that does not exclude other statements from being opinions; nor does an opinion mean something different from a historical fact which can be proven with video, audio, paper, and verbal evidence. Many of these opinions have been shared verbally and in written format to Steven and Tanya in letters dated years prior to this initial publication in hopes that they would address their behavior and improve. My mom eventually admitted they never read the letters, maybe it would have helped. In addition to bringing my concerns to them directly, I have reported their actions to appropriate state agencies multiple times, only to find that Steven has (opinion statement) manipulated his way out with beautifully crafted letters which ignore the facts I can show in my documentation. I feel I have taken every action at my disposal to discourage poor behavior, and now that I have been forced out the family business, I have no other means to discourage poor behavior than to make my story public. As they have made it clear they, and I quote: “are happy with who they are” and “are unwilling to change for anyone” and that they “sleep better at night” doing things their own way, it is decidedly clear to me they prefer to (opinion) abuse others than to improve their actions to be legal, moral, and ethical citizens who benefit their community.


I spent 30 years of my life in a small family business of hospitality. My opinion is that I was forced to work hard from the day I could walk for no to minimal pay. So much that my first grade teacher knew that her 6-7 year old student was being put to work and would ask what jobs I had done the previous day. I have always been underpaid for my work compared to every national statistic based on my experience and certifications. I was asked to do many unlawful and unethical things, I was encouraged to ignore many unlawful and unethical things my parents did. Things like perjury in documents to the state, bypassing life-saving safety devices in high voltage power lines, adding and changing commercial electrical circuits without any qualifications in the field, and silencing employee discontent. I was injured on the job many times, my opinion is that this was due to the owner’s disinterest in family or employee health and safety, I was even hospitalized through work events. Around the age of 2, I was left alone next to a hot tub while my father focused on the task of testing pool chemicals and shoveling snow. My opinion of that event is that he deemed his greed of income to be more important than his task of keeping an innocent infant alive – his own offspring nonetheless. Oddly enough over a decade later, during a family vacation in Mexico, he held me underwater for over a minute while I struggled to return to the surface to get a gasp of air. My brother saved me – this was around the time my parents changed the locks to kick him out of the house while he was still in high school. My parents said it was a joke. I think my father was drinking excessively, which, in my opinion, is a daily occurrence. Attempting to drown your own son is not a joke. I watched other employees get hospitalized due to being forced to work without proper safety equipment, training, or performing work outside legal scope of OSHA. I was raised to believe protectors like OSHA were just there to ruin good, honest, ethical small business owner’s lives. I now understand and believe that was wrong and it was my parents gaslighting me to assist my father in his greed.

When I was just under two years old, my dad abandoned me by an open, in-ground, commercial hot tub, with the lid removed presumably by him as a toddler couldn't do that to shovel and work on pool chemistry, instead of his duties as a parent or a decent human being in general. He found me dead and despite this neglect, I am alive today. How lucky they brought me back to abuse me for three more decades and blame me for it all. This level of neglect and abuse only grew and has been prevalent my entire life, undoubtedly hurting countless families across several communities.

It is an opinion to state that the type of man who would willingly hold his son underwater drinks too much. It is a legal and accounting question to ask if the amount of alcohol purchased with a wholesale liquor license matches the amount of alcohol sold through a hotel. Knowing that it is unlawful to purchase alcohol wholesale for personal use with a business liquor license, as it bypasses taxes which benefit those in need in your community, I can make the opinion statement that in my time at that hotel, I do not believe the amount of alcohol sold and taxed matches the amount of alcohol purchased under a business liquor license. But that should be easy to defend with tax records if I am mistaken. The weirdest thing, however, is the amount of pony kegs purchased with that liquor license knowing that the hotel in question only sells beer in bottles and cans and does not even own the sort of pony keg cooler with tap handle which my dad kept in his basement. I suppose I would ask where the draft beer was appropriately sold and how appropriate taxes were paid in such a case.

I was promised that, in exchange for being underpaid and underappreciated, one day I would inherit the family business. I was always guilted into doing excessive work with the promise that “if you take care of the family business, the family business will always take care of you”. Turns out, that was another lie, the family business didn’t care to return their end of the promise ever. I was regularly put down, made to feel inadequate and guilty. I was often reminded about all the guest complaints and colleague complaints my parents received about me. One day, I started to wonder why I never knew about these complaints myself directly. So, I accessed Medallia (a huge and amazing software platform which gathers every big of feedback from customers from hundreds, maybe even thousands of review and social networking sites across the world). And I accessed employee records which I had full ability to access as the hotel manager and vice president of the parent company of the hotels. There was no negative feedback about me. I actually printed dozens of rave reviews about me. And I printed handfuls of negative reviews about my parents, or their decisions in how to run a business or how to treat employees. The next time they voluntarily entered into a conversation to put me down based on these claims, I presented my counter information. They put an immediate halt to the conversation they had started and refused to discuss it at all, as this was “new information” to them they would have to process; despite the fact they voluntarily wanted to talk about it when they thought it would make them look better than me. My opinion is that this is the action of cowards and bullies.

They bury reviews that paint themselves in a bad light, but use the slightest suspicion to make employees go away and say guests said bad things about the employee. Invariable, the guests say horrible things about my parents and great things about the good employees.

I have earned the highest honor in the industry, the CHA (certified hospitality administrator), on my first attempt, and was the youngest person to earn this honor I had met at any of the dozens of national conferences I attended across several international hotel brands. My parents had to take the test several times to pass, several decades into a hotel career. I suppose (based on their defense that their answers were actually the right answers, they just had to learn the answers the test wanted) that their decision making contradicts the rest of the hospitality professionals in the country. I got involved more in the industry outside of my family business in order to grow myself professionally and learn more about running a business when it became clear my parents wouldn’t help me to grow. I joined a regional advisory board for the largest national hotel chain in the country. My input was coveted. I began to learn that other businesses were taking amazing care of their employees. During Covid, I learned from other hoteliers that they were ashamed they could not provide increases in their contributions to employee retirement plans, health plans, etc and that they had setup funds to help their employees whose spouses were furloughed due to Covid. WHAT?! My parents acted like there was NO money to provide health insurance back when we were running record breaking income both at our hotel level and in the industry as a whole, they acted like there was no money to provide retirement, and always claimed they were hurting themselves any time they followed the government mandates in following minimum wage increases. Yet these other businesses were able to do all that and more!

I was promised many things over the years, including payouts when my family sold a hotel. That was a lie, they pretended they never said this, then later admitted they did say it but had changed their minds about that promise. I was paid just enough of what I am calling “severance” (for lack of a better term) that it would be difficult to win a court case as they had made some effort. But the lie that he didn’t remember promising anything, then later admitting they remembered it, and calling his sons greedy for expecting him to follow through on the promises he voluntarily made to us in order to get us to do excessive work for three decades is what hurt the most. For decades I also never received the option health benefits, retirement plans, or other incentives which work out to much less over the course of a full term career in with a singular company. Towards the end, they did offer what they called “the best plan they could buy employees” and insinuated it is what they use themselves. It has been a few years since I ran their books and main office, but at the time they were using an alternative to health insurance and I do not believe they changed to the plan they were so proud to offer their employees. When he thought we were done asking follow up details about these promises he recently began denying he made, he did finally admit he remembered these promises and that he simply decided to change the promises. Luckily for me, this on the record. Thank goodness for surveillance systems. That, combined with the fact that Steven often put my mandatory daily work phone call with him on speaker phone for his brand-new employees to listen in on means there was no expectation of privacy in conversations since he himself installed surveillance systems to micromanage (his words) everything that happens and didn’t disclose that we were on speaker phone until the other employees spoke to me later in the conversation. Turns out, I have a lot of audio recordings, video recordings, documents which were all available publicly for employees to see and hear. The documents Steven writes in response to state inquiries sound so pleasant! Sadly, and in my opinion, the evidence I have indicates his responses are perjury, or at best the delusions of a senile man who cannot remember all the lies he has told.

My father lied by claiming to our team in a staff meeting that he had beaten Covid and barely noticed any symptoms so that (opinion statement) he could convince them there was nothing to worry about so they would continue working hard for him during the time many of our staff were going on quarantine for Covid. He lied to the state in written response to inquiries, when he said he had shut down areas of the hotel after multiple employees were quarantined with Covid in order to disinfect those areas, whereas the video footage indicates he never did the intense disinfecting he stated he had done to protect guests and staff. In fact, he did not even enter the areas, dust and dirt remain visible on the security cameras from beginning to end. To supplement his false claims, he directed staff to write in the official hotel log book that he had completed his disinfecting – during the time he was actively interviewing new staff to take on positions of those who were out sick with Covid. I fail to see how he could personally believe he had disinfected one area of the hotel while also bringing in outsiders to a different area of the hotels which he knew to have claims of illness causing viruses. Also odd that my parents both later denied to me that anyone had been sick, saying they were all taking independent vacations as the reason for making the remainder of us take on even more duties. I assume they do not realize that colleagues communicate about their lives to one another. Speaking of taking on more duties, he recalled me to work days after my daughter was born despite my proper written request for state approved sick and safe leave, while telling me stories about how we would have to defend the hotel from roving gangs of looters. I attempted to quell his fears and explain that the world was actually coming together to help one another during this difficult time, but that is not the world he likes to portray so that (opinion) he can manipulate people with fear over losing their jobs. He also promised to hold an in person staff meeting “to inform the staff properly” about the pending sale and the loss of their jobs “unlike how other companies close up shop in the middle of the night and disappear”. The day before that scheduled meeting he cancelled the meeting and was about to leave town before the manager held him accountable to at least write up a quick note for the staff. He says the right things, but Steven rarely follows through.

Another fun story – my father likes to manipulate people (my mom’s own description, she was rather proud of how he can manipulate bankers during that conversation) by claiming he has done the work himself, or suggesting that he have a little girl do the work for the person he is gaslighting. One such event – after he refused to bring back our maintenance person who had legitimate fears that his preexisting health concerns prior to covid would be exacerbated should he get sick – my father made me take on those duties as well. He made me change light bulbs that were at the top of cathedral ceilings – already tall – and directly above exaggeratedly tall stairwell. The ladder we have – one off of which at least one other employee had fallen – is quite rickety and scary. Morever, there is physically no way if extended to full capacity and if the individual climbing the ladder were to exceed the mandatory safety guidelines and climb to the very top step that one could even get near this particular light bulb. My father kept insisting that he has changed that bulb with that ladder himself many times over the years. He kept assigning it to me so I would do this task without proper safety equipment. I kept refusing to his anger. I finally got him to ‘help’ me with the task when he finally came in to work, and he got about 2/3 of the way up and he physically began shaking due to fear (mind you, the ladder is sitting perpendicular on the stairs, so it is propped up with random wood blocks from our maintenance room). He comes down and sheepishly admits there is no way to get to the bulb. I asked him how he had changed that bulb with that ladder in the past, which he chose not to answer, for he was only manipulating me as he had done to other employees to do a task which should not be attempted without proper equipment. My parents take turns writing fake reviews under fake names about their products to manipulate people into thinking they also enjoyed the experience since several other users appear to rave about it, in a stunningly awkward and see-through use of fake names and alternating between printed and cursive writing when in hand-written format.

Here's a fun example of their 'crafty' manipulation with fake reviews they write about their businesses. This is one of their many vacation homes around the country. They write great reviews under fake names to convince visitors that their vacation home they rent out is the best. The names are easily proven - Tripp is the family name my dad uses when he conducts sketchy business. TL Krieg is my mom's initials and maiden name. Teal Kenya is TL and Kenya because it starts with the same letter as her maiden name, I guess. Despite the clever change of names and alteration of penmanship, it's easy to prove as both writing styles appear in my baby journal she wrote - which includes a lot of notes about neglect and abuse they frame as 'miracles'.

Speaking of manipulating bankers, if any of you reading this are in fact my father’s bankers, I suggest you look at his written succession plan and compare the individuals named in that succession plan with his employment files. In my opinion, some of those people were not working for him when he willfully submitted documents to obtain your loans.

Internal family manipulation story. I went out of town where I live with my wife to visit our hometown where my parents live, and we stayed with her family because my parents have been so awful to us leading up to this visit. My mom found out we were in town, so she sent a bunch of texts to guilt myself and my wife about not visiting, and made a big show about all the expensive foods we missed out on including thick cut steaks. Two or three weeks later, my brother went to Wenatchee and he did choose to stay with my parents, for he was always trying to make things better for the whole family. My parents, this time, chose to make a big show the opposite way. They cooked a meal that, historically from all my life, would have fed one person in my family, then divided it amongst the three of them, cutting the meat up and making a big show with plenty of comments about how hard things are and how they are just like everyone else struggling – allegedly this was the first time in weeks they had eaten protein. Which was weird since in writing I have that my parents commonly eat rich, expensive, steaks. They will work to negate ANY person or ANY thought, just to be contrary. Another dinner story, when my wife was pregnant, my parents invited us to one of their vacation homes for dinner. My pregnant wife and I sat in the apartment awkwardly for just under two hours, hungry, as we couldn’t order food until the patriarch shone his glorious face that we might consider ordering something. They then made a big deal about this restaurant they eat at all the time, and refuted me when I said I thought they went out of business three or four years back. We finally called to order dinner, lo and behold they had closed years prior. Not a big deal, but they force anyone else, even pregnant women, to wait on their whims. And this restaurant thing wasn’t exactly a big name drop, nor difficult to disprove. If they had said they knew Chris Hemsworth, that would be impressive and difficult to disprove. This was a meaningless lie. It seems to me that they just like lying to everyone including their children. Anyways, later, and still before we could order food to feed my wife and unborn baby – my dad found out that there was an active shooter in a neighboring business. So, obviously, he forced me to “patrol the neighborhood” with him, because “it is our duty” and “that’s what neighbors are for”. No. No it isn’t. That is what trained, armored, equipped, legally deputized police officers are for. But he refuses to listen to anyone, because he believes every thought that enters his head is gold. So I had to follow him as he ignorantly, defiantly, chased after an armed criminal for no reason. Yet, when I was attacked on our property, my parents blamed me. I recorded this incident, and the police officer insisted that I press charges for in the video at a brief instance he found six counts of criminal behavior – most prominently vehicular assault. A stranger whom I did not know forcibly, intentionally, premeditatedly drove his car into me along with other attacks. Yet, in this case, it was NOT my parents’ opinion that they should stand by their family who was attacked in a violent, yet not armed manner. Armed gunman? Chase him. Child attacked with a car on camera then assaulted when the driver got out to steal and attempt to destroy my phone containing the evidence? Well, that is your fault, people are crazy, we just need to hide from them. That is a paraphrase of what I was told by my parents. We hunt down potential killers personally as hoteliers, but we blame our own for getting attacked when the police say it was clear I was the victim.

Steven lied to me on multiple occasions that he would not be rolling the money from the hotel sale to another business venture via a 1031 exchange – a way to avoid/postpone paying taxes on capital gains. Turns out he did work on a 1031 exchange program. He has a secret development of properties across the river from his community in a different county, likely as a result of the community in his home county coming together to stand up to his development in their area.

During Covid while I was working the jobs of, on average, 4-5 full time employees myself – I had to attend a doctor appointment. Given all the hours I was working, there was no way to meet with a doctor apart from taking time off work. I went through all of the proper, appropriate steps to schedule time off through Steven’s system using my state mandated sick and safe leave time (of which he only ever provided the bare minimum he was legally obligated to). I had scheduled the whole day off as I didn’t know how long the appointment would take. However, seeing the laundry which was flooding the laundry room and backing up to another level of the hotel – I came in to help in laundry on my day off to be a team player and help my family business. When Steven learned that I would be leaving (on my properly scheduled day off as posted in the calendar system he set up), he raised his voice, got very upset at me, and asked me how I would be making it up to him. My state mandated sick and safe leave time. While I was at work to help him during my personal time off the clock. But I had to leave for an unknown amount of time to attend to my health. Turns out I was gone for 90 minutes, and returned to work another 8 hour shift afterwards, in addition to the hour or so I had come in first thing in the morning. On my time off. And he had the gall to ask me how I would make it up to him. Here, months later, I have had time away from the family business. I have looked into other hospitality jobs in the region. One hotel in particular stands out to me. It is a 150 room hotel, very comparable in size and service to ours. The job posting was for an operations manager, who reports to the assistant general manager, below the general manager. The housekeeping manager, restaurant manager, maintenance leader, front desk manager all oversee their departments and report to the operations manager. I just listed six jobs which Steven has, for most of my life, combined into one job and assigned all those tasks to one person. This other hotel is still operating under a skeleton crew, so I don’t know how many other positions they would normally have had during a non-covid time. Maybe 9 or 10 jobs which Steven has always forced 1 person to be responsible for. And paid them less than the mid-level operations manager would have made at this other hotel. Steven has made me do the amount of work which other hotels have a: team of front desk agents, who report to the front desk manager (1), a team of housekeepers, who report to the housekeeping manager (2), a team of maintenance people who have a team leader (3), a team of restaurant crew who report to the restaurant manager (4). All of those team leader/managers report to the operations manager (5), who reports to the assistant general manager (6), who report to the manager (7). I can only conclude (opinion statement) that Steven is either belligerently incompetent and dropping wads of cash out of his pocket without ever realizing it in order to get to the point where he has to sell a hotel at what he insists is basically a huge loss to him – OR – I could conclude that he is making “take my private jet to my private island” money and keeping it secret from his accountant, bankers, and his own family to hoard away and feed his greed, or his alcohol habit, or some other nefarious habit. The private jet thing was a joke, but looking back, one time on a business trip my parents jumped the line in one of those TSA pre-screened programs while leaving his sons and employees in the primary line without an explanation, a “good luck” or anything else. We asked about this later, as he insists he never travels or does anything fun, why did he spend the $99 the TSA advertised this program costs. He insisted that TSA just gave it to him one day. We did research it, and if you travel a certain number of flights, they do indeed offer this service for free. But the primary question was: when are all of these trips occurring secretly from his family – given how much of a big deal he makes about how he works so hard and never does anything but run the hotels? Tanya has often commented about how little they pay their employees “I don’t know how they survive on that much pay”, recognizing it is not enough to live on even at full time for their highest earners overseeing a department. I asked him towards the end where all the money had gone, he told me I wouldn’t believe him if he told me which was rather uncharacteristic of him to say something like that. [Neat side story during this same trip where he claims the TSA just GAVE him a TSA Prescreened Pass out of the blue. He asked our group what time our flight leaves, I answered, and Steven raised his voice to berate me in front of our team that “I WAS ASKING TANYA”. So, to prove he’s a better man than me, he re-asked his wife the question in front of the group and made her fumble around to find the time and restate the time I had provided in response to his group question posed loudly without clarifying that only one person was permitted to speak in his presence and we all had to guess which person that was. And that was between the time when he literally just walked away from his two sons mid-conversation because he preferred to harass a man with no legs with his oh-so-adorable and not-at-all-insensitive jokes. Jokes like “You wouldn’t be late to the staff meeting like you are late from sleeping with your boyfriend before marriage”. That one is just me retelling it from memory, but - boy, do I have some racist, sexist stuff on record from his staff meetings.]

When I moved to Spokane, I appropriately went through the channels to discuss my position in the company. I was promised a job which was a step down, the assistant manager, as we already had a manager, and I was happy with that. When the time for my move approached, my parents accused me of expecting a job without doing anything about it. Only after I corrected my mom’s awful judgments she was spreading about me and spoke with my dad did they remember “oh yeah, we did kind of talk about something like that, didn’t we?”. This was another time my dad admitted he doesn’t communicate well, evidenced by my mom badmouthing me allthewhile being unaware what had actually happened. Regardless of remembering this – I get to Spokane and was dropped to a front lines job and was forced to start over at minimum wage after decades of loyalty, a perfect performance record, and the highest certifications in the industry even amongst my family so I could “prove myself” to them, despite having been entrusted to oversee hotels I had built with them for years. During the six years I was in Spokane, the position of assistant manager was never filled, though often talked about how we need someone in the position to help the hotel. It seems this was done to prove some point to me, everything my parents do is some lesson they feel obligated to force on people even though they are the ones who need help remembering their promises and honoring them.

My parent’s Christmas letter they sent out claims we “chose to stay in Spokane”, however it overlooks the fact that my parents said I would need to submit a proposal for my new job in the family business which I was always promised would be there for me as long as I took care of it. I submitted my proposal. My brother submitted his proposal. We discussed it with my father several times, petitioning him to meet and discuss the letter he asked us to write. He told us at each request he hadn’t read the letters. To this day, I don’t believe he read the letters and skipped town without the family who helped him get to where he is today. Yet, despite him ignoring our request to work in our own company, they have convinced themselves we ‘chose’ to stay in Spokane.

For years, my father promised that “as soon as Cindy leaves, we will move the main office over here and start you learning administration of the business”. Steven brought this promise up to us quite regularly, asking “have you thought any more of the office move?” “how are you going to set up your new office?” “how will we lay out the new office?”. Cindy, their office assistant, left a few months later. That was years ago, and that was another promise broken. Cindy had been gone for many months by the time I saw she continued to be listed in their bank loan documents as a current employee for whatever perjury related reason he had in mind there.

I do feel concern for myself posting this information, but several things to consider: I have overwhelming evidence and testimony in written documents from my parents to support everything I have written here, and significantly more that I chose to leave out for now. In addition, Steven has demonstrated, on record, that he feels that anyone should be able to do anything they want with a website if they have bought the URL, regardless of any laws. Amongst the things he has asked his staff to do on his behalf, he made his sons purchase URLs for him which he didn’t have legal rights to. He would make us purchase domains for hotel brands that he did not operate nor have any rights to and were legally protected. We protested and explained that this did not help with SEO as he believed, and that the confusion would upset travelers. He didn’t respond well, he made us do it anyway. He wound up with about 30-40 URLS so that no other hotels could have the rights to their legally protected franchise/corporate names in our region, and instead guests would be redirected to buy hotel rooms from him. Eventually, one of the most powerful hotel corporations discovered this as their local branch wanted to use it’s correct domain name. They reached out to the person on record who had purchased the domain names at Steven’s request. That was my brother. He asked Steven for guidance, and was met with weeks of ignored phone calls and ignored voicemails. Eventually, the other corporation got mega corporate lawyer involved as well as ICANN – the world wide registrar for website domain names. My brother was under threat of lawsuit from both the other hotel brand and from ICANN and could not handle the stress anymore. He called and called and called until after around 11 attempts within an hour, my parents finally answered. They said it “didn’t concern” them at all that my brother was under threat of lawsuit for doing their bidding and that they have no lawyer for themselves, their business, nor their employees doing their business. They said that “they [ICANN – the officially recognized worldwide registrar of website domain names] lucked into this [the task of handling domain names for the world] and they don’t know what a good thing they have going for them” and “it’s not a lawsuit, nobody can sue you over what happens on the internet”. Those quotes were relayed to me, so I cannot verify the precise original wording, but I do have a recorded conversation after the fact in which my father verifies the general response he gave my brother.

Obviously, I am aware this may sound crazy (who would do that to their own family?) and I am by no means a professional author so it reads as a bit of a ramble. But I have evidence to back it all up when the time comes. For now, allow me to post this note on my parents’ hiring folder as a selection of their employment practices, which was often left out for all front desk staff to have access to. It says not to hire people from a specific ethnic group, and a specific person’s name who I have blurred out for his or her personal privacy.